Restorāns LAIKS

Restaurant "Time" was built at the restaurant "Mountain" architectural project. Restaurant "Mountain” was built during the war. In the Soviet period it was renamed as restaurant "Time" and was located at Melluzu avenue.

Restaurant is built in the architectural style of old time. Interior fittings are made of natural oak and ash wood. Interesting roof construction is handmade, which is the result of broken wicker. Warm and homelike feeling at the restaurant gives a colored window mosaic.


Restaurant offers a wide range of space in two floors and a separate banquet hall. A restaurant offer banquets for various occasions – weddings, anniversaries, christenings, corporate events and funeral feasts, as well as renting space for company needs. We can also make the choice for your banquets indoors - at home and rest-houses.

Banquet menu is being drawn up taking into account the client's wishes and financial possibilities. Restaurant "Time" will make your holidays unforgettable!


Daily menu offer a very wide assortment food for differents tastes of people. Dishes are designed to be tailored the food choices for customers of different nationalities. All dishes are prepared from ecologically pure and NOT FROZEN products which are purchased from local farmers.

Everyone is welcome at our restaurant "Time". You will not be disappointed and want to become our regular customer. Restaurant in a short period of the time from the customers has already get a lot of good recognition and will hit the hearts of future customers.